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Welcome to Deathrowinmates Community - Around Since 2005

We are a laid back community, and run a fun server which brings in friends and families from all over the world. So if you haven't joined in on the fun already, visit our forum, introduce yourself, and we can help you start playing. Before playing and to make your experience more fun, please be sure to read the rules.
If you have any questions, our admins will gladly answer them for you in-game or on the forum.

Deathrowinmates - Feel the Pain!


Server info

Server rules:

  1. No aimbots or wallhacks, caught with one u will get banned if u keep use it!
  2. No recruiting or posting other server IP = Ban
  3. No shit talking admins unless they started it.
  4. PM DRi (/m dri Player is cheating) if you think somebody is cheating. Dont yell out in public.
  5. Walljumping is not allowed for any class. Doublejump is for fun not for destorying maps.
  6. No trick-planting dynamite (i.e., planting behind guns on Siwa Oasis).
  7. Push teammates only if they're blocking you, otherwise - don't. Pushing to get out of spawn is NOT ok!
  8. Do not throw smoke or poison gas in spawns. Use gas when needed dont run and throw it everywhere.
  9. Do not take an objective and camp with it, secure whenever possible.
  10. Jumping a wall to capture check points is NOT allowed for any class.
  11. Covy Opening doors for engys= Yes is allowed.
  12. Spawnkilling is allowed so dont cry about it. No games are won in spawn!
  13. Constant crying will get you muted.
  14. Covert Ops - Covie that does the kill choose if they want uni, NO PUSHING - see rule #7.
  15. Fakenick the name of other player is not allowed. Using DRi* in ur name without being admin = Permanent Ban!

Get Started guide:

For those who need to install & downnload the game click the button below.

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Quick connect

If you want to connect straight to DRi server simply right click your ET icon go to properties->shortcut and change target line that looks like this
C:\Program Files\Enemy Territory\et.exe" connect


Also remember to hit the compatibility tab and check run this program as administrator.

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DRi Forum

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Recruiment Application

New rule to be accepted now you must be at least 16 years of age and over.

  • ET Name:
  • Age:
  • Where are You from:
  • Male Or Female:
  • Best Map:
  • Best Weapon:
  • Can You Donate $:
  • Can You Play In Scrims:
  • Why Us:
To apply please visit our forum section.

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